4 Things to Consider Before You Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

25 April 2016
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I’m the maid of honor in my best friend’s upcoming wedding and this past weekend we went bridesmaid dress shopping. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was an awful experience. To lessen the hell that is bridesmaid shopping, take the following things into consideration.


4 Things to Consider Before You Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping


  1. Chances are you already have your wedding colors picked out and will be incorporating them into your bridesmaid dresses. To save yourself some unexpected trouble, make sure the bridesmaid dress shop you plan on going to offers the colors you want. It also can’t hurt to have a couple of backup colors in mind in case the colors you desire is unavailable.
  2. Do you have a particular style in mind? Are you considering letting your bridesmaids choose their own styles? If you have a lot of different body types in your wedding party, choosing a dress that will flatter everyone can prove to be difficult. Have a few styles in mind prior to dress shopping to make it a bit easier on you when you go.
  3. Wedding dresses aren’t cheap, and neither are bridesmaid dresses. Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and family members, so you probably don’t want them to have to spend an arm and leg for your wedding. However, you also want to be sure to put them in the dresses you like. Talk to your wedding party to get an idea of what everyone can afford and try to find some dresses you like within that price range.
  4. Do you want your bridesmaids in the same shoes? Do you want their shoes to match the dress or just a simple black? Do you want them in heels or flats? If you choose heels, will all of your bridesmaids be able to walk in them or will they be stumbling down the aisle? These are all things you will want to consider


Hopefully the aforementioned tidbits will help make your bridesmaid dress shopping run smoother than our experience. A brunch or dinner before or after dress shopping could also make things a bit more fun and exciting. Good luck and have fun!


Mandy Meyer

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