6 Reasons Why Skipping a Wedding DJ is a Bad Idea

30 August 2017
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When planning a wedding, chances are you are going to want to cut costs any way possible. Unfortunately, this means forgoing a wedding DJ for many couples, as some see this as an unnecessary luxury. Let me tell you why that’s a mistake…

  1. Your DJ is your primary source of entertainment at a wedding.
    Many people have the misconception that being a DJ is simply creating a playlist and hitting a couple of buttons to play music, but that isn’t the case. The work of  your DJ is far more complex than that. A professional DJ announces the wedding party and bride & groom, and makes sure your day runs smoothly. Your DJ ensures the right songs are played at the right moment . A professional DJ will  set the tone of the evening by influencing the mood with smooth musical transitions that contain all of your desired songs, transitioning you and your guests between shaking your groove thing to sharing a passionate slow dance. Your wedding DJ creates the setting for an enjoyable event for you and your guests.
  2. Trusting a home DJ for your wedding day can cause on needed stress.
    Although you may save a few bucks by leaving your DJ work to a friend or family member, is it really worth the money you will save if they cancel on you two weeks before the wedding? Sadly we receive 2 or 3 of these panicked bride calls every week.  Chances are your friend or family member won’t have professional equipment, or made end up having some other conflict that could arise just before your wedding day with a professional company you will not have the concern or undue stress.  Also, you can’t guarantee that your friend/family member will play the right songs at the right times or make the proper introductions flawlessly. There’s also always the chance that your non-professional DJ may get a bit too friendly with the open bar or may find themselves busy socializing with other wedding guests, which could deter them from their DJ duties. With all of the possible risks, is the added costs for a professional company truly that much more?
  3. The money saved by skipping a wedding DJ will be minimal.
    By the time you purchase all of the necessary equipment, the amount of money you will have saved by not hiring a professional DJ will be minimal at best. Even if you forgo the equipment and decide to have your music played from a laptop or cell phone, you also have to allow for the time to prepare the equipment and what happens if it crashes? Do you have a back up plan.  By hiring a professional, you will not have to worry about that, as they will have a plan in place for anything that could go wrong. Also, did you know that a professional DJ offer a variety of packages, including budget packages? In fact, Big Daddy Walker Productions is now offering a budget package for smaller weddings of less than 100 guests with basic DJ services for only $695!
  4. A wedding DJ can help keep wedding timelines moving smoothly.
    4 hours is a very short window to get through many of the special dances, dinner, toasts, first dance, parents dance, cake cutting, and many other formalities. With a professional DJ you will maximize your time for partying and greeting all your guests.
  5. You are open to more music options by hiring a wedding DJ.
    When you hire a wedding DJ, you are open to endless opportunities.  Do you want specific songs played at specific times throughout the evening? A professional DJ can make that happen. Do you want to avoid certain songs during your wedding reception? A professionalDJ will have you covered. Perhaps you and your partner don’t have a list of certain songs, but you want to create a particular vibe? A professional wedding DJ will know how to set the mood. With such a vast library of music, professional DJ’s are equipped to cater your wedding  day music exactly to your taste.
  6. You’ll have fewer wedding regrets.
    The #1 regret most brides and grooms have about their wedding day is that they skimped on the entertainment budget, which very well could have been avoided by hiring a professional DJ. As mentioned above, your wedding DJ truly is the main source of organization  during your wedding reception. After wedding brides polled, 90% of the brides wish they would have spent more money towards entertainment,Professional Wedding DJ makes a big difference.to make their wedding day  a more enjoyable experience.

Your wedding day is one of the most monumental days of your life. Ensure that you will enjoy it to the fullest by securing a solid, professional wedding DJ who can make all of your wedding entertainment dreams come true, such as Big Daddy Walker Productions. You deserve to have the wedding and reception that you’ve always wanted. Hire a professional wedding DJ so that you can actually enjoy yourself, rather than stress about how things will run. You won’t regret it!

Mandy Meyer

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