7 Groom Duties of Wedding Planning

2 May 2016
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When it comes to wedding planning, we’d like to think that both parties would have an equal say in all of the decisions. However, more often than not, the majority of the decisions lie with the bride. This isn’t because the groom doesn’t care about the details, but rather that he would like to let her decide on most aspects, as he wants their wedding to be everything she wants. While this is a noble gesture, there are still plenty of things a groom can do when it comes to wedding planning. Listed below are some ideas of groom duties you can give him to get him active in the planning!


7 Groom Duties


  1. Wrangling the groomsmen together for a fitting.
    As the bride, it’s up to you to get your bridesmaids together, but you shouldn’t be responsible for the groomsmen, too. Leave it to your groom to set the fitting date for the tuxes and make it his job to get all of his men together for it.
  2. Colors.
    Choosing your wedding colors should be something you do together. Perhaps you each can use one that complements each other, or maybe the two of you have a specific idea of what you want your wedding to look like. Discuss it together, rather than choosing alone.
  3. Food.
    Men love to eat, and the food at your wedding reception will be something he’ll be more than happy to weigh in on. Take him for food tastings and decide together on what’s tasty.
  4. Keeping the in-laws occupied.
    Whether you love his parents or you merely tolerate them, having them up your rear while in the midst of stressful wedding planning can be nauseating. Make it his duty to keep them out of your hair so that you can more efficiently get things done while they’re around.
  5. Helping you relax.
    Your hubby-to-be is your moral support in many aspects of life, especially when it comes to wedding planning woes. He probably will be more than happy to draw you a nice bubble bath, pour you some wine, or give you a relaxing massage to help relieve some of your stress.
  1. Music.
    Men love music almost as much as they love food, so this will be another aspect of planning that he’ll thoroughly enjoy. Listen to music together to choose your must-haves and must-not-play songs.
  2. The guest list.
    Have your groom make the guest list of his family members and friends, while you do the same with your family and friends. Afterwards, look over it together and discuss who to add and who to nix from your lists.


Men can be active in wedding planning just as much as the bride, or as little, depending on what works best for each couple. Whatever works best for you, go for it! Hopefully this list will help divvy up some of the wedding planning responsibilities!


Mandy Meyer

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