Most engaged Cincinnati couples create a wedding budget, which this blog highly recommends to avoid the stress that can occur when wedding bills come due. But beware the hidden wedding costs that can sneak into the equation and surprise you when you add up all of your expenses.

License fees

Sometimes, it’s just some simple, innocuous items like your marriage license fees. In the scheme of things, they’re not that much, ranging from $70 to $104 in Alabama; $40 to $60 in Ohio; $60 in North Carolina; $82 in Texas; $15 to $40 in Illinois; and about $100 in Tennessee, to give you a few examples.

No big deal, but these small hidden wedding costs add up if you’re not prepared.

Unapproved vendors

Some couples get socked with hidden wedding fees from their venue if they don’t use their approved professionals. The upcharges can really add up, typically going for 20% per vendor. Be sure to ask before signing a contract.

Clean up and breakdown fees

Speaking of venues, is yours’ a full-service venue? If it’s not, you might get stuck with extra fees for clean up and break down. Be vigilant. Review your contract and be sure these fees are included.

Extra service fees

Here’s a scenario for you to consider:  Suppose you select a very cool venue, and you bring in your own wine and cake, but the venue’s staff has to serve the wine and cut the cake. They may charge you an extra service fee because you’re creating extra work for their staff.

Simply cover it all upfront, or you could be faced with an unexpected and hefty extra fee.

Taxes & gratuities included?

By the same token, be sure taxes and gratuities are all included in your agreements. Otherwise, you may have to take out a second mortgage to pay them all!

Extra equipment rental?

If you go with a band, be sure to spell out the size of your venue. If you’ve got a big wedding in a big hall, the band may need to rent extra equipment to handle the sound reinforcement requirements.

But if you go with us, you don’t have to worry about it, because we probably have all the equipment you’ll ever need … and more. In the unlikely event more is needed, we’ll tell you upfront. You never have to worry about hidden wedding costs with Big Daddy Walker Productions.

In fact, need some entertainment budget numbers right now? Simply call us @ 513-678-2107. We love pricing questions! Or simply complete this form today.