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“Cincinnati’s Best Photo Booth? Says Who?”

Says Cincinnati brides and party-goers, that’s who!

You have 3 great Photo Booth options with Big Daddy:

  • Traditional Sit Down Booth. This is the photo booth experience most people recognize. You go into a booth, sit down on a bench an start having silly fun. A monitor on the outside of the booth plays a slide-show of all the photos taken throughout the party.
  • Stand-up Booth. Kinda like the first, but you don’t sit down. Without the bench, more people can fit in the booth. This also has the monitor on the outside.
  • Open Air Booth. This booth is not enclosed and sits out in the open so all your guests can watch the craziness as it emerges. Some of our clients like this option because it takes up less space in your venue and you can fit a lot more people in each pic. Some of our clients prefer the traditional enclosed experience.

The great thing is that you can choose either one with Big Daddy!

The best part?

  • The best props in the industry
  • Outstanding service from a Photo Booth attendant
  • High quality lighting and high resolution photos. (these photos WILL be saved)

Add a fun fresh element to your reception or party. Add a photo booth from the Queen City’s favorite photo booth company.


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