The Pros and Cons of Allowing Plus Ones at Your Wedding

27 April 2016
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Your wedding day is one of the most monumental days of your entire life. It is about sharing your love and happiness with your friends and family members, gathering together in a day of celebration for your partnership. Although you want to be surrounded by your loved ones on a day of such joy, have you thought about allowing your guests to have plus ones to join in for your special day? The idea of allowing plus ones can be a touchy subject for some couples. To help you make the decision on whether or not to allow plus ones, here is a list of the pros and cons!


Pros of Allowing Plus Ones at Your Wedding


  1. Guest comfort.
    Some of your guests may not be married but may have a significant other they would like to accompany them for such an event. For guests that won’t know many people at the wedding, allowing plus ones could make them more comfortable, as they can bring someone with them to share your special day with.
  2. Weddings are certainly not about the gifts, but chances are that you’ll receive more gifts with a higher amount of guests. If guests are allowed to bring a plus one, you may receive a gift from both parties.
  3. Filled spots.
    Does your venue allow a certain amount of guests, but your guest list falls short? Allowing plus ones can solve this. You don’t necessarily have to meet the guest allowance for your venue; however, if you are going to be paying for that many guests regardless, you may as well fill the seats.
  4. Bigger wedding can mean bigger fun!
    The more the merrier! By allowing more people to attend your wedding, such as by allowing plus ones, you are bound to have a bigger party at your reception, simply for the sheer fact that there will be more people present.
  5. Guest happiness.
    Allowing your guests the option of bringing a date can make them happy and much more inclined to attend your wedding. If they wanted to bring someone but were unable to because you won’t allow it, they may change their mind about attending.


Cons of Allowing Plus Ones at Your Wedding


  1. More guests equal more money. The more mouths you have to feed at the reception, the more expensive it will be.
  2. Photo bombs.
    Your wedding day is meant to be shared with those you care for most, and that will be reflected in your wedding photos. By allowing plus ones, you may end up with a bunch of photos filled with people you don’t know.
  3. Unruly behavior.
    Mishaps can occur in any instance where a large group of people are gathered together, but sometimes these things can be overlooked when it’s a loved one. However, if a plus one that you don’t really know happened to act up at your wedding you may not be so forgiving.


Every wedding and situation is different, so it is important to choose whatever is most comfortable for you and your partner. Some couples allow plus ones, some do not, and some make exceptions for certain guests. Whatever you decide, it is solely you and your partner’s decision, so don’t let anyone bully you into going one way or the other. Good luck!


Mandy Meyer

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