5 Ways to Get Along with Your In-Laws During Your Wedding

7 April 2016
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Making nice with your partner’s parents isn’t always an easy task. Not all of us are blessed with wonderful in-laws. Be this as it may, it is crucial to get along with them during your wedding and wedding planning period. Chances are they are contributing not only financially to your wedding, but also offering up their time to help, so being courteous and appreciative is vital. However, if they happen to be a pain in the neck here are some ways you to help deal with them for the duration of your wedding.


5 Ways to Get Along with Your In-Laws During Your Wedding


  1. Time apart.
    Nothing will drive you crazier than having someone on your heels in the midst of the most hectic planning period of your life. If you in-laws are getting to be too much on your nerves, take some time for yourself away from them.
  2. Let them help.
    With everything involved in wedding planning, you’ll probably need some help from time to time. Utilize your in-laws and give them some wedding tasks that will help both of you. They will be more than happy to help, it will keep them busy, and you will be receiving some much needed help.
  3. Take a spa day together.
    Stress levels increase drastically when you’re planning a wedding and your in-laws are probably feeling some stress, as well. Go out for a spa day together and enjoy a nice massage. It will help relieve some tension.
  4. Get some drinks.
    Feel like you need to let loose a bit? Have a few drinks with your in-laws. This will help you bond together and also nix some stress.
  5. Introduce them to other people involved with the wedding.
    Bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding planners, etc. are going to meet with your in-laws at some point anyway, why not introduce them sooner rather than later? This will give them an opportunity to get to know one another better prior to the wedding, and will give your in-laws someone to hang with, which will keep them out of your hair.


Your in-laws are like an additional set of parents, so it is important to treat them well and be appreciative towards them, even if they happen to get under your skin from time to time. Hopefully the aforementioned tips will help make getting along with them a little easier for the duration of your wedding.

Mandy Meyer

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