You’re engaged. Congratulations. As we pointed out in an earlier blogpost, one of the first things you’ll need to do for your Cincinnati  wedding is to line up your wedding venue. Venues book real early, so you’re smart to plan at least twelve months out securing your venue. Here are some super smart wedding venue questions.

Most of these questions are obvious, except that it’s easy to get caught up in the dream of your wedding day at the expense of the practical. So print out this blogpost and take these questions with you:

Wedding vendor questions

  1. Are you available on our date? Duh, obvious question. If they’re not, check to see if they offer discounts for off-season dates, or even for Sunday or Friday weddings.
  2. What is your price, and how many hours does that cover? How much extra does it charge if our party keeps going?
  3. How many guests can your space accommodate? Be sure to factor in the amount of space your DJ or band and dance floor will take up. Give us a call at (513) 678-2107 and we’ll give you a very accurate estimate. Your celebration will suffer if you’re packed in like sardines, so be sure to spend some time on this question with potential vendors.
  4. What are deposit details? Be sure to clarify if it is refundable if the unexpected occurs. By the same token, clarify payment terms.
  5. Do you provide changing rooms for the bride, groom, and wedding party?
  6. For outdoor weddings, do you have a back-up plan if the weather is bad?
  7. Does your venue carry liability insurance?
  8. Do you offer an in-house caterer, and if yes, do we have the option of using our own preferred caterer? If I use my own caterer, will they have access to your kitchen?
  9. Do you provide glassware, silverware, tables, chairs, and plates?
  10. Do I have to get alcohol from you, or can I bring my own wine, beer, and champagne?

These wedding venue questions are pretty basic, but you need to know the answers to them to make informed decisions. Big Daddy Walker Productions has played at just about all of the best venues around, including some little-known gems. Pick up the phone and call us if you’d like some unbiased input: (513) 678-2107. We’d love to hear about your wedding plans. In the meantime, check out our wedding packages.

Once again, congratulations on your engagement!